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Trenching and Excavation Safety

Some of the protective systems for trenches are:

  • Sloped for stability; or
  • Cut to create stepped benched grades; or
  • Supported by a system made with posts, beams, shores or planking and hydraulic jacks; or
  • Supported by a trench box to protect workers in a trench


​    Do NOT enter an unprotected trench!



BJI communicates its comprehensive approach to industry safety and reliability with clients through ISNetworld. Excellent client rankings provide evidence of our safety and reliability within the gas & oil industry.

"A BJI worker is a safe worker."

Safety is a structured business practice at BJ Inspections, Inc., with all employees and staff supporting our pledge that a BJI worker is a safe worker. BJI promotes the gas & oil industry's safety focus and firmly believes that nothing is more important than the safety of the site, its workers and the surrounding community. 

BJ Inspections, Inc. is committed to safe operations including, but not limited to, safety orientations, conducting weekly safety topics and monthly safety training to its workers.