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  • Material Coordinator
  • CP Inspector
  • Chief Welding Inspector
  • On-site Engineers
  • Project Manager
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Project Supervisor
  • Coatings Inspector
  • Welding Inspector
    • API 1169, 570, 653
  • Welding/Coating Dual Cert. Inspector
  • Utility Inspector
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Electrical Inspector
  • Environmental Inspector



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BJ Inspections workers bring years (often decades) of experience in the gas & oil industry and in their crafts. Clients feel at ease knowing their project is looked after by competent, hard-working inspectors and project leads. Our inspection and managerial services are listed below.

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Gas and Oil Industry Experience

​BJ Inspections has provided inspection and managerial services to many industry projects including Distribution and Transmission Pipelines, Compressor Stations, Fractionation Facilities, Well Pad New Construction, Well Pad Reclamation, M&R Stations, Above Ground Storage Tanks, Rail-Transportation Projects and more.  

Visit the About BJI page to learn more about our mission and commitment to quality. 

Health, safety

& Environmental

BJI representatives are professionals with field experience and technical knowledge who enable successful project completion.

BJ Inspections is committed to building and maintaining a safety-conscious workforce.   

BJ Inspections, Inc. provides quality assurance, quality control (QA/QC) and managerial services to the gas and oil industry.​