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Remote working employees sometimes work in isolation outside of populated areas. This can leave employees at risk for emergencies. 

This can also increase dangers from outside risk factors unrelated to their normal scope of work, 

OSHA gives workers the right to refuse to perform any task they believe to be unsafe without suffering penalty. 

There are three common control measures used to protect those who work alone and in remote locations.

1. Training - Training allows companies to teach worked how to deal with unplanned hazards and situations that might occur. 

2. Safety Assessments and Safety Plans - These should be done before workers are allowed to begin work alone or in a remote location and should be performed on each task the worker will be expected to complete and should identify all potential hazards. 

3. Personal Safety Devices - Contact between the worker and company can often be accomplished using personal safety devices, The are automatic warning devices that alert a designed supervisor or local EMS if specific signals are not received at specified times. 

"A BJI worker is a safe worker."

Working Alone 

Safety is a structured business practice at BJ Inspections, Inc., with all employees and staff supporting our pledge that a BJI worker is a safe worker. BJI promotes the gas & oil industry's safety focus and firmly believes that nothing is more important than the safety of the site, its workers and the surrounding community. 

BJ Inspections, Inc. is committed to safe operations including, but not limited to, safety orientations, conducting weekly safety topics and monthly safety training to its workers.  


BJI communicates its comprehensive approach to industry safety and reliability with clients through ISNetworld and Veriforce. Excellent client rankings provide evidence of our safety and reliability within the gas & oil industry.

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